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India is growing at a rapid pace compared to most economies around the world. As Corporations scramble to take advantage of the large pool of skilled and affordable labour, they are left with two very significant challenges – to create an environment that empowers individuals to work towards collaborative outcomes and to nurture individuals who can take ownership for their actions.

IAF- India is a volunteer association of professionals with the mission of promoting the art and practice of professional facilitation to create collaborative outcomes and increased ownership in individuals through Group Process Facilitation. IAF-India is the local chapter of the global International Association of Facilitators organization.

About the 4TH IAF India Facilitators Conference 2017

Please join us to discover the potential of “Facilitation” at the 4th IAF India Facilitators Conference, the theme being 'Facilitation - Key to Positive Transformation' Group process facilitation is a rapidly expanding worldwide profession that plays a vital role in the workings of business, government and communities across the globe to help groups build consensus, maximize participation and move towards action. If you are a business leader looking to build ownership in your people or a manager tired of providing solutions for every team issue or a consultant trying to work through conflict, then come join us and leverage this unique platform.

Who will attend?

Over 100 delegates will attend from across India. This includes a range of national and international practitioners and experts working across and within facilitation, education, corporate, government, NGO, and community arenas – from novice to experienced; from private and public sectors; self-employed and from within organizations; representing corporations and not-for-profits.

When & Where is the Conference

November 3-4, 2017 Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park 132 TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai - 600 018, India.

IAF India is a partner in your efforts in several ways

  • IAF India learning events and workshops held regularly in five cities across India, i.e., Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi, provide opportunities to learn new facilitation processes for Managers, HR Managers, Trainers and Consultants.
  • IAF India Annual Conference provide people Managers, HR Managers, Trainers and Consultants the opportunity to learn facilitation processes from the best in India and possibly from facilitators who are likely to participate from abroad.
  • IAF India through its events attracts and supports the professional development of newcomers to the field of facilitation in India, thus growing the pool of professional facilitators.
  • IAF India provides facilitators working in India with a window to a rapidly expanding worldwide profession, thus ensuring the processes that they are applying are current, relevant and provide the results an organisation expects.
  • As part of the IAF India, a delegate and members list is available to all IAF Members, providing a ready source of professional facilitators worldwide.

Do consider supporting us through the 4th Annual IAF India Facilitators Conference Sponsorship. The details regarding sponsorship amount and entitlements are in the downloadable document below.