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A1 - Session full and closed

A1 : Uncovering Group Disclosures through Sociometry
120 min
Ajit Kamath

A facilitator needs to make the group feel safe to share with each other so as to really be able to harvest group wisdom.

Sociometry, by definition, measures the “socius”—the interpersonal connection between two people (Moreno 1951).

Ajit has been using Sociometry as an Ice-breaker tool to uncover the petals of the group's comfort levels to share with each other. The more they realise that everyone is similar the more they are open to share their thoughts, feelings and rationale.

This session explores the various layers of an individual’s thoughts and feelings that build a participatory environment.

Facilitator Profile

Ajit Kamath has been in the field of Lecturing, Training & Facilitation since 1993. He delivers programs primarily for senior & mid-level Leadership Teams across industries.
Ajit has been specializing in Leadership Training since the days he was certified as a Trainer of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (based on Personal and Inter-personal Leadership). Later, he started delivering customized Leadership Development and Managerial Effectiveness Programs for his various clients. Few of this regular clients are Philips, National Stock Exchange, Alfa Laval, Marico, HCL etc.
He is certified to deliver various structured Leadership Programs of DDI, US. These modules require an understanding of people process and what makes one an Effective Leader in the organisational setting.
Ajit has been a Faculty with the Forum of Free Enterprise for it’s Leadership Camps for young Indian citizens. He has also delivered Personality Development sessions at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Program, Lions’ Clubs, Rotaract Clubs etc.
He has conducted Teacher Training Workshops in Mumbai and Leadership Capacity Building workshops for few Indian NGO’s.
He coaches Leaders in Public Speaking & Presentation Skills. Drama & Story-Telling being his passion he has written, directed and acted in One-Act Plays and he uses drama and theatre concepts such as Improv, Forum Theatre, Role Plays etc. in his Leadership training deliveries. He is currently working on a new workshop: Strategic Leadership Communication through Story Telling.
He has worked for British Council, Wizards Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and for his family-owned business. He has written for newspapers such as The Times of India, The Sunday Observer and the Sunday Mid-Day.
Ajit is a Founder India Chapter member of International Association of Facilitators-India, Founder Member – The Speakers Club and member of Bombay Management Association, Indian Society of Training & Development, Indo-American Society, Counsellors Association of India and has held non-profit office as President- Bombay Humour Club, President – Rotaract Club etc.
The past 5 years have seen Ajit actively pursue his interest in Group Process Facilitation and is involved actively in IAF-India activities. He has delivered a few interesting facilitation projects.

Ajit has in August 2014 been accredited by the International Association of Facilitators as a CPF (Certified Professional Facilitator)

A2 - Session full and closed

A2 : Integrating Facilitation in Organizations – Ensuring Business Impact
120 min
Vinisha Jayaswal

Have you ever been in a group where it seemed impossible to come to a decision? Where the vote is 50/50 with little apparent common ground? Where there seemed to be no way for the group to agree or reach consensus and the consequent compromise left everyone feeling he/she had given up something important?

The answer to solve this is, Facilitation. Facilitation is increasingly recognized as a valuable and necessary piece of organizational growth and it is a practice with multiple applications. Good facilitation can turn chaos into dialogue & leverage conflict towards group consensus and help groups achieve business results. And it can all be done with spontaneity, style & passion. Join me as I take you through a short journey to understand how you can integrate facilitation in your organization to enable change. I will also share with you how we used facilitation in our organization to win 2 Facilitation Impact Awards this year.

Facilitator Profile

Vinisha, Head – Learning & Development of Group Wockhardt Hospitals & the current Chair of IAF India Chapter; is a seasoned professional with more than 17+ years of experience across various industries.

She has helped organizations & individuals thrive with best in the Learning Strategy. She is valued for designing and deploying apt learning interventions along with reliable quality execution of practical business solutions aiming at capability building and leadership development thereby creating an empowering culture of learning that meets the strategic human capital requirements across organizational levels.

Vinisha’s programs are incredibly insightful and inspire action by unleashing innate energies within the participants.

An enthusiastic professional with a proven ability in learning & development; & imparting various Training & Facilitation Programs, she brings active learning, objectivity and fun to the program.

She is a very determined, focused and delivery oriented person and that brings to the table a program that is fabulous. The many awards & citations she has won including 2 Facilitation Impact Gold Awards this year, are proof of her delivery capability and her understanding complex situations which need to be overcome through facilitation, training and learning methodologies.

A3 - Session full and closed

A3 : Exploring the foundational principle of facilitation
120 min
Yateen Gharat

Anyone working with groups will be benefitted by this session.

A good facilitator is able to help groups share and generate divergent viewpoints with equal opportunity for all making the experience an inclusive one. The Foundational principles of Group Process Facilitation are Divergence and Convergence- like the 2 sides of a coin. Instead of rushing into ‘brainstorming’ and ‘solutioning’, Divergence encourages exploration, the intervening emergence opens up options and new perspectives while Convergence unearths definite outcomes and focused decisions. This is a concept that truly harvests group wisdom.

Facilitator Profile

I have been using facilitation since 2012, completed my CPF in 2015 Mumbai. In past 5 years have Facilitated more than 186 workshops till date with diverse target audience such as, Education (Teachers, Professors, and Students.) Corporate (Senior Management Teams, Leadership Teams, Sales and HR Teams.), NGO and various communities.( Volunteers, Hub Heads, Community Heads.)

Focus area of Facilitation
Teaching Facilitation Skills through My Land Mark and One and Only program in India (Train The Facilitator.), Asking Questions that Make A Difference ( MAD Questions.) Meetings that work, Consensus building, Conflict resolution, Visioning and Strategic Planning, Leading with Facilitative Approach, Team Bonding, Communication Dynamics, and Action Planning.
I am a Core Team Member of IAF India Hub for past 3 years.
Enjoying promoting the Power Of Facilitation theme of IAF World.

A4 - Session full and closed

A4 : Dinobusters! Lets DSI...
120 min
Farah Shahed

Every great innovator acts differently to think differently and, in the end, they make a significant impact around them.

If we really think about the way change happens, we realize pretty quickly that all kinds of ideas are needed – the more evolutionary ones and the more revolutionary ones. And here’s the really fascinating part: they are interdependent.

In this session, the participants will:
  • Gain deeper insight into their unique innovation skill strengths
  • Bust some old beliefs around innovation – yes Dinobusters!
  • Discover key skills to surface new ideas and value-creating innovations
  • Craft an action plan to DSI (Do something Innovative)

Facilitator Profile

Farah is a CPF®, IAF, Executive Coach, ICF and Principal Consultant, Interact Consulting. She is presently the Lead, IAF Blr chapter.

She is passionate about helping leaders learn, grow, and change to maximize their unrealized potential. She has 20+ years of experience and has shaped her career from Aviation in the Middle East, the IT and services boom in India, to the learning and development sector in a new liberalized economy. She is recognized for her work in the field of leadership, cross cultural management, virtual teamwork and emotional intelligence.

More can be learnt from her social media presence on:
Twitter: @just_farah
FB: @InteractConsulting

B1 - Session full and closed

B1 : Facilitating from the inside out: Change your Mentalmodels & transform your facilitation skills
120 min
Stephen Berkeley & Kavi Arasu

You have been facilitating for a couple of years and before you know it you have developed mental models of how facilitation should and should not go. Although they may be helpful when we first start facilitating, they may hinder our ability to adapt and be flexible when designing and implementing facilitation interventions. Our mental models, or ways of being, shape our behaviour and can help us either to build bridges or walls. This workshop will help you to understand your mental models and how they influence your facilitation and how to better manage and work on your mental models in a systematic way. We will also explore the role of community in helping us to be more aware of predominant mental models

Facilitator Profile

Kavi Arasu

Kavi is a talent and organisational change specialist who loves to play at the intersection of people, technology and organisational change.

He has two decades of corporate experience in multi-cultural environments, both in MNCs and Indian organisations. He began his career in sales and marketing before choosing to specialise in leadership, talent, organisation development and change.

In his last assignment at Asian Paints, a $2 billion coatings multinational based out of India, Kavi was the group head for talent management, learning, leadership & organisational development, and diversity & inclusion.

Kavi has an abiding interest in the power of storytelling and the Future of Work. His current practice centres around executive coaching, strategic consulting and change for digital/tech projects using process facilitation, design thinking and the like.

Stephen Berkeley

Organisation Development Practitioner, Coach and Facilitator

Stephen has 30 years experience as a health administrator and consultant. He has worked in Australia and the UK for government and trust hospitals, as well as for a Cancer Research NGO. He has been working as the Manager of Organisational Development at the J Watumull Global Hospital and Research centre, Mount Abu, Rajasthan since October 2006. He has extensive leadership experience in quality management, accreditation, hospital operations management and learning and development.

Stephen is an experienced facilitator and member of the International Association of Facilitators since 2013. Stephen began facilitating some 20 years ago and has used his facilitation skills in the areas of training and development, strategic planning, process improvement, community building, values education and problem solving.

B2 - Session full and closed

B2 : Career Magic for +ve Transformation
120 min
Sekhar Chandrasekhar

This is a session to help participants to enquire into their default thinking about careers. And also how they can become more effective Career Mentors to a host of other people as well: peers, team members; and friends and family.

More often than not, ‘career making’ and ‘career advice’ work on simplistic rules. ‘Become better at it’; ‘work hard’; and ‘please your boss’: these form the core of the advice we usually get and give. Rarely do we look at jobs systemically, and rarely do we integrate our work skills, relationship skills and aligning skills into our career strategies. Or factor in the vital need to align one’s work with the whole of the system. Or really look at what to go after and what not to chase after in our careers.

Facilitator Profile

Sekhar Chandrasekhar is an organisation developmentalist, complexity scientist, systems thinker and a CEO coach. An IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, he is passionate about understanding and harnessing the potential of fellow human beings: reason why he focuses on helping his clients live ‘real, authentic lives filled with joy and accomplishment’, rather than aim for mere performance improvement and ‘satisfaction’. He is a certified coach from the International Coaching Community, reputed to be one of the best in the world.

He majored in economics from Bombay University and did his post-graduation in advertising and marketing from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. He has over thirty years of robust experience in sales and marketing, training, coaching and facilitation: with advertising agencies Lintas, Trikaya Grey, and Bates Clarion; the Otis Elevator Company; and his entrepreneurial ventures, Fischer Communications, and Athanor.

Over the past several decades, interwoven with his selling , advertising, and marketing communications career, he has led workshops for executives, managers and leaders in some of India’s finest organisations, facilitating deep-change: long-term leadership development initiatives. His work involves facilitating leadership development, training and coaching high performing executives, creativity and innovation initiatives, performance improvement, systemic awareness, and feedback impact. He has facilitated senior leadership work for diverse organisations, dealing with a rich tapestry of leadership and business challenges.

InnoSense, his mentoring/coaching framework for careers is a product of Athanor’s original research and is specially designed for Organisations that work in the ‘Indian’ contexts.

He is passionate about India’s manufacturing fraternity: he does all he can to strengthen its appeal, innovativeness, and growth.

He has delivered a TEDx Talk on what he believes to be essential for personal and world transformation.

Sekhar draws from a vast range of resources: anecdotes, business school exercises, historical wisdom, and varied metaphors. His inspirations include: Bobby Fischer, Edward de Bono, J. Krishnamurti, John Heider, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and P.G. Wodehouse.

Over the years, Sekhar has contributed his expertise well over 50 organisations including Actavis, Asian Paints, Atlas Copco, the Aditya Birla group ~ pan-India, Bangkok, Jakarta and Alexandria; Bharti Infratel; Blue Star, BSEi, Coca-Cola, CII, Crompton Greaves, the DSCL group, Fenesta Building Systems, Future Group, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, HCC, Larsen & Toubro ~ pan-India, Dubai and Oman; L'Oréal, LRN India, the Mahindra group, the Otis Elevator Company, Siemens, SKF, Spykar Jeans, Sun Pharma, the Tata group, and Zen Building Solutions.

B3 - Session full and closed

B3 : Inside-out Insights to Expanding Perspectives
120 min
Shalaka Gundi & Parag Wadhone

Consider this for yourself. Could you be using your senses and perspectives to better advantage?

Usually, we rely on our brain to do the right things for us – and most of the time it does! However, when we need to excel in business, relationships, performance or learning, or when we need to solve difficult personal or professional problems, our brains could use some help.

It may be running the same old programs, hanging on to one-track solutions and hindering a positive transformation of a holistic nature.

Learning how to use our senses and perspectives to our best advantage is one of the most valuable skills we can learn. And once we have the skills, we can apply them in any situation.

Any and all transformation in the world starts from within and radiates to the world outside. The first and key step is self-awareness.

This session will not only help build self-awareness but also awareness about others and their varied perspectives. This will broaden the horizon of your perspective and shift your paradigm from a unilateral to a richer, multi-lateral and a more useful one!

Come and get a glimpse of the power of creating a richer and a more meaningful learning experience in a facilitative way to move one step closer towards positive transformation!

Facilitator Profile

Shalaka Gundi:

Passionate about People! Have followed my natural instincts and pursued Psychology at Graduate Level and Human Resource Management at Post-Graduate Level. I have been a University Rank Holder at both-Graduate and Post-Graduate Level. I hold a Diploma in Training and Development and am a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach.

After garnering a rich experience of 12+ years in the Manufacturing and IT sectors of the Corporate World across all HR Functions, I am following my aspiration of Making A Difference to People by being an Independent HR Consultant and OD Practitioner for last 5 and a half years. During this time, I have worked for more than 10 organizations from various domains as a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. My latest interest is Graphology and Grapho-therapy.

I am an IAF member for the last 18 months and have conducted 2 practice sessions under the IAF Banner. I have attended 10+ IAF events.

Parag Wadhone:

I am an experienced facilitator and have been IAF Member for 18 months. I have run two practice sessions representing IAF as a member. Have attended over 10 IAF events. I am a Certified Coach from ICF and a certified NLP Practitioner. I am also certified in few ICA’s ToP Methods. All my sessions are now Facilitation or Facilitative-learning based. I am a silver medalist post-graduate in management and have close to 20 years of experience in HR. I worked in corporates for 16 years of which 12 years were in HR Leadership roles. I have extensive HR background with scaling up IT organizations. Now I have my own venture for past four years.

B4 - Session full and closed

B4 : Addressing Unconscious Biases - Breaking Invisible Limitations
120 min
Preetha Raaghav

This session will enable participants to address their mental barriers and limitations thereby consciously influencing inclusive decision making.

A successful community/team/ leadership is one, which encourages diversity of all kinds – diverse thinking, diverse practices and a society that fosters a culture where people feel comfortable and confident of showcasing their uniqueness. However, all of us may have mental filters unknown to us, despite global exposure or a keenness to have an open-minded outlook. This session aims to spotlight these filters which maybe indirectly contributing to stagnation of efficiency and hindering the birth of new creative ideas. Gaining awareness is the first step, which can abet ones evolution into not just better leaders but better human beings.

Facilitator Profile

Preetha Raaghav has over 15 years of corporate experience in the capacity of an HR Business Partner, L&D Specialist, & has played a Strategic role heading HR. A gold medalist from Madras University and a MS in Communication Studies from Ohio University, U.S.A she has worked across different industry. Preetha is multi-faceted person having dabbled with dance, theatre and films that enables social change. This has given her an edge in creatively designing content/processes which is purposeful and aligned with her clients, needs. She thinks that her role as a facilitator/coach can be compared to that of a “catalyst” in expanding/transforming peoples thought process. She has managed multiple Pan India and international projects.

C1 - Session full and closed

C1 : Embracing the Paradox - An Inside out approach to personal transformation
120 min
Narasimhan V (Narsi)

EMBRACING THE PARADOX - an inside out approach to personal transformation!

When you know that bad things aren’t so terrible and good things aren’t so terrific, you can be quietly grateful for whatever occurs. Balance is neither pessimism nor optimism.” ― John F. Demartini

Irrespective of what we want to change, our outer world responds only to the person we become inside of us. We perhaps know this. However, this knowledge and our personal power is put to test by the force of situations we go through in life. Evolution is in realizing that challenges are not just a natural aspect of life—they are life and leading us to a higher purpose.

Embracing Paradoxes is about deeply accepting life’s challenges in its totality and not just the pleasant waves that kiss our feet! The confidence experienced by embracing the paradoxes and realizing that things happen ‘for us’ and not ’to us’ enhances our personal power. Its then we lead life with more ease and élan and realize the power of ‘Who I am’ over ‘What I know’. How do we go about transforming our current reality into a preferred future? By the mile it’s a pile, by the yard it’s hard, by the inch it’s a cinch!” goes a quote.

Welcoming you to an opportunity of exploration! Let’s co-create a ‘walk of inquiry’ that promises a life audit and a deliberate creation of personal transformation - engage, explore, energize!

Facilitator Profile

V Narasimhan (Narsi)

Head-Learning &Development, SUNDARAM LEARNING (a division of Sundaram Finance Limited), He is a passionate Facilitator, a certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. Through Coaching, he enables personal transformation assisting professionals to turn challenges and conflicts into creative collaboration to meet their goals.

Mr Narasimhan has been certified by the Barrett Values Centre, UK as an accredited administrator of CTT Models and Tools in Building a Vision-Guided, Values-Driven Organization. He is an accredited administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) suite of instruments and is conversant in using various other psychometric instruments. He had done a thesis on Yoga & Stress management and how Yoga enhances Job Involvement, Job Motivation and Emotional Intelligence.

He is a Facilitator of the Global Managers programme, the ‘Bullet Proof Manager’ FromCrestcom International which is one of the largest training groups in the world.

He is an active member of the Core Committee of International Association of Facilitators (IAF). India Chapter and is the Lead for IAF’s Chennai Hub.

In February, 2017, he was awarded by the World HRD Congress as 100 Most Talented Training &Development Leaders in India.

His Focus: Unleashing human potential through Coaching and Facilitation!

Hobbies: Reading, oration, penning human interest articles under the banner ‘Oceans in a shell’ and sharing the same with his e-group which currently has more than 400 members.

C2 - Session full and closed

C2 : Knowing Me Knowing YouKnowing others! by being a fly in your mind wall.
120 min
Shubha Rajan

Knowing me Knowing you is all about behavioural relationships. A relationship is a bottomless well. Both parties need to just give into it and take whatever comes their way. One cannot demand to receive but needs to understand the other person, their ways and their behaviour. Towards this understanding Empathy is the only tool that can take one to the other person’s side totally. Therefore to know you I need to know me first. So first an empathy map for the self – Knowing me. Then an empathy map for the stakeholder – Knowing you and then an empathy map for others (clients) – knowing others. The basic theme being that if I know what my reactions are in relation to my life I can attempt at what makes others react or behave in the ways that they do. It is all about keeping the persona unique and understanding their behaviour from their side. If I were a fly on your mind’s wall I would understand your reactions.

Facilitator Profile

She has learnt to make lemonade when life has dealt her lemons!

With a very unique higher education degree Dr. Shubha has mapped her education to her career and her career to her education. Wherever required she has learnt to upgrade so that she is skilled for the job on hand.

  • 27 years of composite work experience
  • The only civilian woman to have gone into a submarine in that time period
  • The only doctorate in that subject in that year
  • Has worked in varied areas
    • Writing, editing, book publishing,
    • Visa clerk, anti-fraud agent, Student Counselling, USEFI
    • Librarian, administrator, HR specialist, Consulting
    • Chamber of commerce work with industrialists and business people,
    • Marketing of training programs, Franchisee development
    • Visiting Faculty, Training, teaching, training operations, content development, assessments, certifications,
    • recruitment, induction, coaching, counselling, gender diversity enablement, advisor for anti-sexual harassment in the organization

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in Training – 1998 – till now
IBM in the people development function – Training and Development leader for soft and behavioural training
HCL - Training and Development leader for soft and behavioural training and other OD initiatives
TCG-HR Consultant – consulting for Solid waste management and revamping of the state board plus II syllabus of Kerala
Leadership Management International -
Guardian Management Services

PROFSSIONAL EXPERIENCE in other business – 1990 - 1997
Confederation of Indian Industries, Chennai
The Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi
American Consulate General, Chennai

CERTIFICATIONS in People Development:
2011 Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Federation, USA.
2007 360* feedback tool – OD Initiative
2006 Certified Recruitment Analyst
2005 Certified in training ‘Strategies for Success’ and ‘Successful Selling Strategies’ from the Ziglar Sales Corporation, USA.
2005 NLP Basic Practitioner’s Course
2003 Thomas Profiling Services Certification.
2003 Transaction Analysis Certification
1998 Effective Personal Productivity course for 9 weeks.
              Effective Personal Leadership course for 18 weeks
              Effective Sales Training
              All from the LMI University, Waco Texas, USA.

1990 Doctoral degree in Defense & Strategic Studies, Strategic Location of India in the Indian Ocean”.
1985 M. A. & M. Phil in Defense & Strategic Studies from the University of Madras.
1982 B.A. English Literature.
1982 Certificate in Journalism, University of Chennai.

Reading & Writing, Counseling, Coaching and Classical Music

“Successful and How” & “Attitude is Everything” published in the Frozen Thoughts, a magazine of M/s. Alma Mater

LIBA – Loyola Institute of Business Management
ICFAI Business School

International Association of Facilitators – (IAF),
Association for Talent Development – (ATD)

C3 - Session full and closed

C3 : Teamship
120 min

A successful organization may be described as a ‘team of teams’. The success of any organization depends on the success of each team and the team’s ability to co-operate and support each other. Team building culture exists in a company when every person in every team:

  • Is capable (has the necessary competencies and knowledge)
  • Is willing to cooperate and give his best as a person and as a team member
  • Is free to take responsibilities and initiative

We all know what the team is......It’s a group of individuals brought together, work together for the purpose of reaching a common goal. How incredible easy.....right... but building a great team that works together and achieves peak performance consistently can be a difficult task. Handling conflicting personalities, keeping everyone motivated, help them succeed individually and achieving the specific goals..... Is an ART.

Facilitator Profile

Shyam is a committed and passionate senior HR practitioner with 19 years ofvalue-added experience in developing high performing workforce and creatingpeople excellence for large organisations. He is passionate about maximisinghuman talent and has made his passion his profession.

His strengths based approach towards Competency based HRM, executing HRStrategies, Leadership Facilitator and OD interventions along with his strongbelief in “If it is to be, it is up to me!’ has led him to lead large organisationsto develop high performing teams and work culture in India with a strongrecord of leadership and making organization employer of choice.

After a delightful and long professional career spanning with TataGroup, that spanned 12+ years in leading and heading HR function atTata International, Tata Power and Tata Power SED, Shyam decidedto step down from full time employment and venture into newpursuits and pursue his entrepreneurial dream of running a trulyprofessional company and help organizations achieve long term valuecreation through a systematic process of building HR excellence in allfacets of business.

His firm is called “60 Bits Consulting” bases out of Mumbai which isfocused on HR & OD, Organizational Improv, Facilitation, Coaching,Thinking [Deep Mind] and Education.

Shyam is a CPF from IAF and has facilitated many HR initiatives andinterventions which has won several external recognitions andindustry best practices in Talent Development, Retention, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Cultural Transformation andChange Management.

C4 - Session full and closed

C4 : Terrible to Terrific - Transforming Meetings Into Enginesof Value Creation
120 min
Aisshvarya S. Shah

  • Are the meetings you conduct and / or attend unlocking the massive value creation, that is possible, by people thinking and discussing together?
  • Isn’t this the fundamental purpose of why you (or anybody) conducts and / or attends meetings?

‘Terrible to Terrific’ - this session is designed to help you experience and learn simple and practical ways to transform your meetings into terrific ‘go-to’ meetings which generate results.


To enable participants to develop alternate approaches for transforming meetings into engaging and purposeful discussions

Desired Outcomes of the Session:

Transform meetings into discussions, to be able to:

  • Harness richer and diverse ideas from the meeting participants
  • Generate purposeful high levels of engagement from all the meeting participants
  • Gain higher commitment and ownership for actions

As an added bonus you will create one or two self-generated solutions to immediately improve your participation in meetings.

Facilitator Profile

Aisshvarya believes every person has and is using the best formula to lead his / her life. She knows she has added value when she influences this person to first appreciate this formula and then as they deem relevant to take a deep look at it and choose to keep it, improve it, rewrite it.

Aisshvarya was fortunate to accidently find her 'calling' in 2002 in facilitating people, groups and organizations to create and live their growth maps. Before this, for seven years, she was associated with IT training.

She has partnered with organizations like KPMG, the Tata Group, Barclays, the Times of India Group, BPCL, ICICI Bank, the L&T Group, Ashok Leyland, the Murugappa Group, Infosys, IIT - Madras in their Learning and Performance growth initiatives.

As a facilitator and coach she consults, designs and delivers learning interventions, globally.

Aisshvarya has a track record of delivering learning interventions that create a direct ROI impact on the bottom-line of organizations.

Aisshvarya's pillars of success have been her intense focus on being result oriented and strong facilitation skills.

She is the CEO of Work Senses, a company that she founded in 2005.

Her professional background includes:

  • Leadership Development from Harvard Business School
  • Coaching for Performance – Performance Consultants Intl. (Sir John Whitmore), UK
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Certified - Step I & II Consultant
  • MBTI Certified Career Counsellor
  • Kirkpatrick Four Levels Certification, USA
  • Thomas International Certificate in DISC Profiling - Behavioural Analyst
  • Professional Development Programme of ISABS

D1 - Session full and closed

D1 : Theatre of Stuck-to-Unstuck: Transforming withCollective Awareness
120 min
Bharti Dekate

As facilitators, transformations demand us to ask questions that we don’t know answers to. We often find ourselves entangled in the group dynamic of being stuck in old ways of relating to issues and solutions.

Here’s a new way of relating, interacting, creating and facilitating transformations. Come to experience a new method of ‘embodied learning’ that transforms and heightens the quality of collective awareness and action. Experience a synthesis between theatre, embodied presence, dialogue, stillness and presencing that has the power to connect different communities and their transformational stories. Learn how a blend of social action research, theatre, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue and open space can create transformative experiences.

This workshop provides an opportunity to experience Social Presencing Theatre as it applies to leadership, change and transformational work. You will engage in practices that increase awareness of the “social body”, heighten your sense of inter-personal connection, access creativity, facilitate groups and co-create a space for going from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’. You will experience the use of non-verbal techniques to inquire into “stuck” situations in personal and organizational setting and witness the surprising insights and possibilities that emerge from applying this method.

Facilitator Profile

Have run sessions for IAF Bangalore chapter (Lego Lab) and Pune Chapter (Lego+Story Lab), Published a narrative in “Power of Professional Coaching” a book by ICF India chapter, Article on Future of Coaching in People Matters, contributed to a blog Womenspiring Wednesdays. I am an Organisation Development consultant, faculty for HR/OD courses at MBA colleges, Educator at school ecosystems and Coach.

Bharti is an Organization Development consultant, Coach and Educator. She has been a consultant across industries in areas of Design, Diagnostics, Transformations, Culture and Capability in India and abroad. She coaches leaders from corporate and non-profits across the globe on goals of entrepreneurship, women leadership, transitions and growth. She teaches Organisation Development Change, Strategy and Culture at reputed post-graduate colleges and works on issues of CyberSafety, BodySafety and Career choices with school ecosystems at India and abroad.

Bharti is passionate about creating original body of knowledge around Coaching, Game-based learning and Mindfulness. She has published several research studies, articles and has contributed to books based on her experiences in her areas of interest.

She lives at Mumbai in a large joint family, is mother to a tween and runs two ventures. In her free time she travels, reads, does artwork, volunteers with social organizations and juvenile prisons, goes bird-watching, plays board games, does pottery and writes on a range of topics. She is on the advisory board of Doctors For You an NGO focusing on Public Health and Disaster Response.

D2 - Session full and closed

D2 : System Traps in Organizational Un-Learning: How toSurvive like the Cat with Nine Lives
120 min
Kanti Gopal Kovvali

Successful organizations and successful individuals have a hard time leveraging new opportunities. This is because they fall prey to what we call as system traps. Any trap is a deceptive invite that allures the organization and the people within to believe that it is in their own interest to embrace. A trap may even give you the initial comfort that you are on the right track and waits until you fully fall for it. System traps destroy successful organizations and successful individuals. Interestingly most well intended advice from consultants, facilitation from trainers and mainstream approaches to change management unwittingly set these traps. In the session, we want to expose participants to nine traps, how to spot them and nine ways to overcome them.

Facilitator Profile

Solution Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Teacher, Conference Presenter
25 years experience, post graduate in HR from Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Worked in VST Industries Limited, Eicher Consultancy Services Limited, HCL Comnet, Grow Talent.
Founder of Institution Builders HR Solutions (since 2009)
Clients include IMRB International, Sanofi Limited, Blue Star, Siemens India, Aditya Birla Financial Services, Gyanodaya – Aditya Birla Leadership Development Center, CLP India, Fuji Sericol, Gammon India, SREI- Sahaj, Azim Premji Foundation, Oxfam Bangladesh and Cambodia, World Food Program, Childline, Montex India, Great Place to Work Institute etc.

Authored two books on Leadership – Pit Stops for Peak Performance; Designing Leaders to Disrupt Markets

Visiting Faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences and NMIMS on Talent Management, OD and Change Management and Conflict Management

Presenter at the following public workshops and international conferences:

  • Co-facilitated a full day workshop in the South Asia Evaluation Conclave - 2015 at Kathmandu,Nepal.
  • Conducted 3 public workshops in Mumbai on Managing Change using Systems Thinking for trainers and OD functionaries across organizations.
  • Co-facilitated a public workshop on LSIP in 2014 for 125 people with Anil Sachdev and Dr.PaulTolchinsky
  • Selected for paper presentation in the European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference -2016 at Maastricht, Netherlands on ‘Conducting Transformational Gender Audits’
  • Selected for facilitating a Round Table session on ‘Engaging the Whole System in EvidenceGathering, Advocacy and Action in CREA Annual Conference in Chicago in September 2017.
  • Selected for presenting a paper on ‘Gender Audit as a Transformative Evaluation Tool’ in the American Evaluation Association Conference to be held at Washington DC from the 6th to 8th ofNovember 2017.

D3 - Session full and closed

D3 : TRUST – Cornerstone for Positive Transformation
120 min
Sanjay Dugar & Paankaj Sethi

The underlying factor that can help lead any transformation is “Trust.” Let’s get together for a co-facilitated session, to get into the depth of this topic.

The session will attempt for all participants to get a better understanding of what exactly is “trust”, how can we consciously assess our actions that build or destroy trust, thereby achieving a deeper insight into ourselves, and take actions to position ourselves as ready to take on positive transformation around us, be it within our personal zone, our teams, our organizations, or even the community at large.

Very often it is seen that major transformations happen when there is a strong trust bond amongst all stakeholders, and our attempt in the session is to see how we can build ourselves to strive towards positive transformation, that is a huge need everywhere today.

Facilitator Profile

Both Sanjay and Paankaj are regular facilitators as part of the core business they do. Sanjay has run a session in the IAF conference in Bangalore (co-facilitated with Jawad) on the theme of co-facilitation, which was very well received.

D4 - Session full and closed

D4 : Internationalise Your Facilitation
120 min
Sunil Verma

The current business environment is becoming more global. With increasing connectivity and more opportunities for social networking, people are engaged with and influenced by one another in ways that were not previously possible.

Not only are our client organizations more diverse, but many are also becoming multinational. These changing demographics and cross-cultural dimensions are redefining the expectations of our client organizations.

Understanding and addressing culture is an important component of making effective organizational transformations.

Gain insights and exchange ideas about assessments of cultural attitudes in this session. Expand your cultural assessment toolkit to help your client organizations gain awareness of self and of their stakeholders.

Facilitator Profile

I am a Talent Development professional with 21 years of experience with global industry leaders in
  • Retail Banking (Standard Chartered Bank)
  • Investment Banking (Lehman Brothers)
  • Hospitality (Taj Group)
  • ITES (Convergys)

Passionate about maximizing human talent and have made it my profession.

Professional certifications-
  • ACC (ICF)
  • Everything DiSC Certified by Wiley Inscape.
  • Gallop Certified Strengths Coach

My top 5 strengths are:
  • Maximiser
  • Strategic
  • Futuristic
  • Analytical
  • Relator

Experienced leader of coaching projects in service of strategic business objectives

Experience of leading teams of up to 38 people in matrix, multicultural environments.

Demonstrated expertise in strengths coaching and leadership development

Previously Head of Learning (Europe) for Standard Chartered Bank based out of London.